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Second week in VANK [Aga]


My second week in VANK is almost finished.  How do I feel?

I think I kind of got used to atmosphere here and I feel really naturally now. Two weeks has passed really fast. Today is Friday and I was so sure it’s Thursday… sadly, it’s not.

It’s so strange that work here is not boring for me. I do things that interest me, I explore Korean culture, I learn history. There were some events and even though I wasn’t very active I felt interested. It was first time when I had to tell about myself in front of 70 kids. It was unforgettable experience. I am usually a person who gets stressed so easily. Though I don’t show it, inside my brain there is a ton of thoughts, my heart is running crazily. Even though I’m such a person, I wasn’t stressed at all. Okay, maybe a little bit but compared to my usual reaction it was nothing. I am not sure if kids understood me but at least they were smiling. I’m glad for such an experience even if it was only my introduction.

Work at office is also nice. It’s also some kind of an experience that will be precious for me when I go back to Poland. I will tell my friends how many nice people I met, how much I’ve learned.  Once again I am happy to be here and grateful for VANK choosing me for their intern.

Once again, food in Korea is so delicious I want to eat and eat and eat but my stomach is not that big. The only shock for me was fish with head. I think I can’t eat anything that has a head… I prefer not to know how it looked like before it went down to my stomach. Apart of that, I love everything I ate here. People from office are always recommending mi something which I always like. They know my taste so well. Oh! THANK YOU!

Now… let’s get out of office. Weather here amused me a bit. I thought I will run away from cold weather but Korea is also cold. Luckily I am used to Polish temperature, which is -20 in January, so I’m not complaining. I took warm clothes with me and I think I won’t freeze to death.

Anyway… I’m going sightseeing even if it’s -40. My camera is ready, I am ready and waiting for Saturday morning!

How much I don’t want to go back to Poland. When I think that it’s another week closer to me leaving Korea, I feel sad. Time flies so fast…….. too fast.


First week of international intern, Rebecca

<My first week in VANK>

* Rebecca (Chen zhijun)

aga, rebecca

What I have done:

Visiting  vank website to know more about vank.

Study Korean history, culture and etc. by attending online.

Register to and watch videos, write down my feeling about these videos.

Read the book “May we speak”.

Doing a presentation to introduce China

Search the information and details about Nanjing Massacre.

Attend a history lecture.

This week was the first week I came to Korea. All of jobs written down above make me know more about vank and Korea.

Korea is quite different from what it was in my mind. It is a right decision for me to come here, change the opinions about Korea.

There are too many things leaving me a deep impression.First of them is the historical lecture .Although I cannot understand the whole Korean lecture,I know contents they talked about by Yoo Jeong’s translation. I learned this period of history in my senior high school. t is one of the most important part in Chinese history book, especially relationship between Korea,Japan and China. I didn’t like history in my senior high school, like many Chinese young people. Now I know how important it is.I cannot judge the behavior government of other countries. I believe in my country.And I think one day we can solve all of these historical.

The second is Korean food. We come to different Korean restaurants at lunchtime. Korean food is really delicious for me. I cannot choose my favourite from so many kinds of food. Everything is new and fantastic for me.

I want to learn more Korean language and tell my Korean friends more about China in the future. I believe by my efforts Korea and China can get a little improvement.

First week of International intern, Aga

<My first week in VANK>

* Aga (Agnieszka Michalczyk)

Aga 1

On the first day of my work I came to the office  a bit scared. I wasn’t sure what I will do or how people there would be like. A day before I was thinking really a lot about my future work.

So.. it’s almost 9am and I’m entering the office full of anxiety, scared and not sure how people will react when they see me. But I was surprised, positively surprised. I was greeted warmly by Gi Tae. It was another shock, how is that possible that boss is so nice, enthusiastic and just open to people. He was smiling all the time which made me a bit relaxed. Though I wasn’t prepared for another explosion of joy when Bo Kyung entered the office. Everyone was just so nice. I couldn’t imagine better welcoming. I thought in my previous work in Poland people were kind but I guess I didn’t know what kindness is. I didn’t expect such a warm welcoming as I didn’t expect such a nice work. I think I can understand why people in the office smile so often, the atmosphere here is so pleasant and warm. I can only hope it will stay as it is now which I’m sure it will.

The welcoming was perfect and so were those 4 next days. I was waking up every morning with a smile on my face and coming to office for a work was a pleasure for me. I could experience various of new things. Of course I had my responsibilities but while doing work I learned as well. What is more, I had a chance to meet minister, which was a really great experience for me, participate in historical lecture (though it was in Korean and it was hard to understand, I enjoyed it a lot and learned pretty much during a short lecture), or be interviewed. I have to mention delicious food I was able to try during lunch hours! I am happy that I was able to come here and work with VANK. I’m looking forward for next weeks and I hope they won’t finish too fast.