Young Koreans Change the History of the Global Village

Korean history includes 30 plus years of Japanese occupation and 3 years of the Korean War. After so many tragedies many people wondered if this country would recover. However, for 50 years Korea kept striving economically and now has had remarkable success. Korea is one of the first countries to have come from receiving international help to giving aid. Now that the Korean government is in a stable position, it is sharing its knowhow of economic growth around the world, while providing aid to developing countries.

All over the world some families only have little to eat or children are working instead of going to school. To make an effort for change the international community and national leaders are making an effort. However, not only can diplomats and leaders make changes in the world, everyday people like you and me can as well.

To leave foot prints on history here are the three conditions

1. Find a problem and provide a vision to solve it

 2. Find people to realize the vision

Despite any challenges, stay committed to your goals



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